In Ohio, recruiters provide job seekers with a list of vacancies in their area. The application process for obtaining a position is relatively straightforward and won’t take a long duration. After the application is submitted a Packaging Recruiter completes the screening process.

Evaluate All Applications

The recruiters start by evaluating all applications received from prospective candidates. The applicants must provide a resume and explain why they are qualified for the job vacancies available. The candidates must also provide references that can explain their previous work history.

Verifying All Info Provided by Candidates

The information provided on all applications must be verified before any applicant is hired for a position. The recruiters verify the candidate’s job history, education, and any specialized training they received. All provided references are contacted, and the recruiters ask questions about services or duties performed by the applicant. Questions about the candidate’s work ethic could be asked as well.

Background and Credit Reviews

The recruiters submit a request for a criminal background check for the applicant’s, too. Certain positions are not available if the applicant has a felony on their criminal record. Recruiters must disclose criminal background information to any employer who wishes to hire the candidate. Additionally, a credit assessment is completed to determine if the candidate is a financial risk to any of the employers. The findings of each assessment determine if the candidate is eligible for current vacancies.

Testing the Candidate’s Skill Level

All candidates must submit to a skills test according to the requirements of the job vacancy of choice. The test results determine if the candidate’s skill level meets the preferences of the employer. If the candidate isn’t matched with a current vacancy, the recruiter can save their application and notify the candidate when a new position is available.

In Ohio, recruiters provide immediate assistance for job seekers who want to work in the packaging industry. The process involves a full screening of prospective candidates based on the info the applicant provides. Full background checks are conducted to assess potential risks to employers. Candidates that want to apply for Flexible Packaging jobs and careers are encouraged to contact a recruiter right now.


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